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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

chop ~ whisk ~ stir

Greg and I watch a lot of the Food Network. Pretty much every night we watch something we've recorded.....Iron Chef, Boy Meets Grill, Everyday Italian, and recently, The Next Food Network Star. We have not watched this series before, but I recored the first one and we just kept watching it. I must say, it's pretty exciting to watch. There were 10 people all trying to win their own Food Network Show. It's kind of like "cooking show survivor". There are people you clearly do not like and people you do like. Each week you are pulling for someone to get canned and someone to keep going. The hour long show never drags. It's fast paced and there is always some kind of "drama" a good way. Keeps you interested. I think they are going to do a marathon of the show this weekend, so if you want to watch it, you can record it and watch one each night and then watch the last 4 that are left. They also have clips of the show here. If you do happen to watch it or if you start watching it, you have to read Bob Tuschman's weekly blog. I look forward to reading this just as much as I look forward to watching the show. He is one of the people on the selection committee and is funny, smart and is a good writer. His blog gives you insight into the episode, how they came to pick who was booted off and some tid bits you didn't get to see on the show. The other committee person is Susie Fogelson and she has a vlog which is interesting, but not as much as Bob's blog. Although, she did have Bobby Flay as guest on her vlog this week and we got to find out who his favorite is. He also said there is someone who is currently still in the running who he does not feel should be there....but he declined to say who it was. Maybe that will be revealed at the end. Bobby is also on the selection committee which is a plus because he is so likeable...tho Greg says he might be a little too serious at times. *shrugs* I never thought I'd hear a critical word come out of Greg mouth about Bobby Flay!

Anyway, there you go....maybe more than you really wanted to know about a cooking show :)

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