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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I just crossed off #20 and #50 from my 101 things to do list. Well, half crossed them off. My wonderful husband helped me clean and organize my craft room. Actually, he did most of it.....clean and organize are not favorite words of mine. But he is a cleaning and organizing machine - a Virgo. I'm a Libra....we are creative and lazy machines. So I told him my ideas and he made it happen. It's a much different room now. You can walk in and see everything. There isn't "stuff" all over the place. I can easily find paper, any stamp I want, use my Cricut without having to lean over a pile of "stuff" to get to it, see the many different spools of ribbon I's nice.

The reason I only half crossed them off is because I wouldn't say it's beautiful yet. It's functional. Not beautiful. But it could get beautiful in time. So just half crossed off. It is clean, so #50 is also half crossed off. To get that one totally crossed off I will have to keep it clean. But you know.....clean and organized are not favorite words of mine. I really like it clean....I really do. Last night I sat in there for a few minutes just looking around. It was cool. So maybe I will keep it spotless. Maybe. Time will tell.

As for #49....well those piles of "suff" I talked about.....they made their way in there. So that is not even close to being crossed off. Maybe I will work on that closet on Friday. Maybe. It's just going to suck. But 50% of it is clothes I have never wanted to get rid of. So if I just go in there and close my eyes and stuff it all in a bag, I will not see what is on it's way to Goodwill.....and then some lucky fool can buy my acid washed jeans from 1985 for $2.

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Anonymous said...

There are about 5 things I'm gonna help you with on your list.