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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I'm on a roll, people!

Look out, I'm crossing off another thing on my 101 list!

44. Have a photo of mine in a magazine or calendar

This photo is published in this book.

It was picked because of it's breast cancer theme with the special edition Campbell's soup label and the special pink M&M's that were out last October for breast cancer awareness month.


Mike said...

Your just zipping thru the list !!


Anonymous said...

Hey did you get paid for that?


Anonymous said...

ps - That's pretty cool ;)

MsOktober said...

Nope, not a money shot...but there is still time.

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

That is a really creative and well done picture. Glad you got the recognition!

B & D

Anonymous said...

Definitely NOT a money shot :p

Anonymous said...

so did they just email you and ask if they could use it?? that's aweswome aime! i'm so happy for you!


MsOktober said...

MsMarch, they saw my photo on Flickr in the breast cancer pool and emailed me and asked if they could publish it :)

This was a while ago. I didn't say anything because I wanted to see if it would really happen.