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Monday, August 06, 2007

Weekend Report

I went to the movies with my Mom on Saturday. It's a long story, but she found out I was interested in seeing "Rattatoulli" and has been inviting me to go with her and my nephews for the past 4 weekends. I've had other things to do (I might have lied a little bit about having other things to do) so she kept putting off seeing that movie on the off chance I'd be free another weekend. I went Saturday I went since I was running out of things I had to be doing every weekend. They were going to the 11:20am showing and she told me to be at her house at 9:30am.


Yeah, 9:30am. It takes her 2 hours to get the kids and get to the theater but it only takes me 45 minutes if I'm driving. So what are do they do for the other 1 hour 20 minutes?

"If we're early, we go to the .99 cent store" she tells me.


I offer to drive thinking this will fix me not having to be at her house so dang early....but she still thinks leaving at 9:30am is still necessary. Okay, fine....I didn't want to aruge with her.

So 45 minutes later we are browsing the .99 cent store....

It was a long day. But I think it is really sweet that she takes the nephews to the movies. She buys them whatever snacks they want and let's them run around inside the theater like wild monkeys until the lights go down. And they are good kids. Even tho they are were running around the theater, they were not screaming or being totally obnoxious. She even let's them sit anywhere they want. I looked over at her when they took their sets and asked her if they were just sitting by themselves because I was there or do they always do that?

"No, they always sit by themselves. I understand they don't want to sit with an old woman" she said.

That made me sad. And I started feeling really bad about not going with her to the movie sooner. She usually has zero interest in seeing the movies they want to see, but she takes them no matter what the movie is because it's their fun time. After the movie she gives them money and they play video games in the arcade. She makes it all about them even though she is tired and would rather be napping. Then they go home and she feeds them and they run around like wild monkeys until dinner. Then at 6pm she takes them back to their Dad.

What I got out of this was perspective. If you can read between the lines, you understand what I mean when I say that.

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Mike said...

Nice story...

I'm telling you..."all of a sudden" our oldest is 16...a year from now our 2nd will be in high school too.

We had a "sit down" talk with our 16 yo. Told him we missed him being around the house now that he has his own truck and license. Brought tears to my eyes as I told him that his little brother (Ben)idolizes him..and wants him around more too....shrugs shoulders.