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Monday, August 13, 2007

Astrological Signs And Car Crashes

ARIES-You are at fault 6.6% off the time. You are most likely to crash between the hours of 11am and 5pm.

TAURUS-You are responsible for 6.2% of crashes. Be cautious driving in the dark.

GEMINI-You cause 9.3% of crashes. You are most likely an over-aggressive driver and like to cut other drivers off.

CANCER-You cause 8.8% of accidents...most often at intersections.

LEO-You cause 7.4% of crashes...and most of them are rear-enders on a straight road.

VIRGO-10.7% of car crashes are your fault. You have tendency to speed.

LIBRA-You are the cause of 6.1% of all car crashes. You are the lowest of all the astrological signs. Call your insurance company for a discount.

SCORPIO-Your sign results in causing 6.8% of crashes most of which are head-on collisions on straight roads. So, be careful when passing.

SAGITTARIUS-Watch out, you cause 6.8% of all car crashes. These are usually broadside collisions at intersections.

PISCES-Responsible for 8.4% of crashes usually because you are not paying attention when you should be.

CAPRICORN-You cause are the most crash prone driver in the zodiac. You tend to ignore traffic signs and tend to do "your own thing."

AQUARIUS-This sign is involved with 9.9% of mishaps. Most collisions are involved with smaller you might want to drive a "land yacht."

I'm a Libra ~ we rock :)


Mike said...

Being a Taurus, I'm right behind you at just one slip up or two and "your group" is likely to fall into 2nd place....but don't let that pressure get to you.

Anonymous said... speed?

~Laura the Virgo

Anonymous said...

I'm sad... i always pay attention... Good thing Tom's a Libra and he always drives. =]

Ms March aka the pisces