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Saturday, September 09, 2006

tid bits about me

* Loves Panda Express
* Loves her camera
* Hates lizards
* Hates 90+ degree weather
* Tulips are my favorite flowers
* Roses are nice, too
* I think I'm a good listener
* I think I'm a good person
* Wears perfume everyday
* Dreams every night
* Has a crush on Alton Brown
* Has a bigger cush on Dylan McDermott
* Makes really good spaghetti
* Makes good cakes, too
* Asks lots of questions...
* ...Because I'm a very curious person
* Halloween is my favorite "holiday"
* Wants to be a fairy this year
* When I was 18, Bad Luck was my middle name
* Isn't big on hugging
* Isn't an iced tea drinker
* Does like lemon in her Diet Pepsi & Root Beer
* Does not like lemon chicken ~ ick
* I mix my corn into my mashed potatoes
* I like my toast very dark, but not burned
* I'm the only one who can make toast the way I like it
* I'm kind of a perfectionist, but kind of not
* Pineapple is my favorite fruit
* Listens to a wide range of music ~ The Platters to Pearl Jam
* Is a romantic
* Is lazy
* Loves to nap
* Loves to daydream

That's enough about me. Now let's hear from you!

1 comment:

Mike said...

..Prefers Pei Wei
..Chipotle every once in a while
..Needs more "alone time" w/camera
..Gets serious cases of "Sunday blues"
..Hates Mondays (yes,hates)
..Likes things clutter free
..Doesn't mind eating alone in public
..Rather have the machine pick up
..My mandivilla is my pride and joy
..Has a "man crush" on A. Brown
..Is Heterosexual (just to clarify)
..Coke over Pepsi
..Starts with Coke, ends with the "bite" of root beer
..Don't hug me if you haven't known me for at least 10 years (prefer no hugs unless your family)
..Car Radio presets: Classic Rock/Country/Classical/Sports Talk/
New Rock/60s-70s/80's Tunes
..Loves the Christmas season
..Doesn't want help from others
..Very much the perfectionist
..Lizards (small ones) are cool
..Hates the feeling of waking up from a nap
..Rarely remembers a dream
..Watches "intervention" uncomfortably on A&E
..Cheerios are fine
..Cocoa Krispies are better
..Starbucks (black) works for me
..Calls others "chief" or "friend" if I can't remember their name
..Rarely enjoys rep unches/dinners
..This could go on forever