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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dreams and eBay

No, not dreaming of eBay....yet.

Over the Labor Day weekend I looked on eBay for a special stamp set I wanted that was no longer available from the distributor. Someone told me eBay was the best way to find it. Sure enough, someone was selling the exact stamp set I wanted. I was thrilled, but also intimidated. I'd never used eBay before so I wasn't really sure what to do or if I could trust the seller....but I went for it. It went well ~ I got my stamp set. The following Sunday I was sitting at my desk and my fingers typed again. I bid on another stamp set and won.

The eBay bug had bitten.

Now I am forcing myself not to go looking at things. I can see how people get into trouble with this! My friend Joel was drunk one night and ended up surfing eBay and bought a $75 stick shift knob for his Ferio. Now eBay is off limits to him when he's drinking.

I saw a commercial for the new eBay Express. Greg looked over at me and told me not to get any ideas!


Now onto the dreaming thing. I dream every night. The other night I had a dream that is reoccurring. I get in an elevator and somehow I get stuck going to the 100th floor and can't stop it. I get up there and I end up outside or in a room with windows all the way around and port holes in the floor so you can see all 100 floors down. I'm terrified. I ususally end up getting stuck up on the 100th floor having to deal with my fear of heights for an hour or something because it takes so dang long for the elevator to come back up and get me.

The other reoccurring dream I have is I am on the freeway and I end up in a lane that gets off onto a bridge and there is no way to turn back. I have to drive really fast in loop-d-loops so that gravity (or whatever it is) will keep my car from falling out of the loop when I'm driving thru them. Then, if I get past that part, I have to drive a narrow little road over the ocean and my car is always just a little too wide for the road so my tries are half gripping the road and half not. One wrong move and I'm toast.

Very stressful dreaming sometimes. These two dreams seem to come around a once every few months. What do you think they mean? Can't be good....

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Mike said...

One of these days I'm gonna give eBay a chance...I'm thankful I don't usually remember my dreams...surely there is a website out there where you can enter keywords of your dreams and get back some type of "answer" or meaning....orrrrr maybe not.

Have a grand day