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Saturday, December 19, 2015

December Daily - Day 19

Apothecary Jars Turned Into Winter Scenes

Things You Will Need:

*Large apothecary or cookie jar
*Camper/trailer ornament
*Miniature flocked pine trees in a few sizes
*Fake snow
*Fake strand of Christmas lights
*Micro LED lights strung on a silver wire (cool tone white)
*White styrofoam block (optional)

Before you start, pour some of the snow in a big bowl and set your ornament in it to see if the snow will support it. If it sinks in, you will need a styrofoam block to put under the ornament to support the weight of it. You might have styrofoam from some old packaging that you can just cut a piece from. I found some at work that I cut a 3 inch tall x 2 inch wide block from.

If using, put the styrofoam block in the bottom of the jar and pour in about 3 inches of snow. Put your ornament in and check for proper placement. Add the trees around being sure to look at it through the front of the jar to see how it looks. If the hook attachment on top of the camper ornament is small enough, you can scatter some fake snow on top of it to hide it. Once you have things arranged the way you want, you can add the micro LED lights in the snow. Then run them up the inside of the jar behind one of the trees and out the top. These lights can be unruly but take your time and it will be worth the effort. Wrap the rest of the strand around the top of the jar on the outside. Use tape in concealed places to hold the stand of lights in place. Now add the fake strand of lights at the top inside of the jar affixing the ends with tape.

Turn the LED lights on and you’re done!

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