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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

online conversation at work...continued

This is a follow-up to this conversation.


[13:47:31] Me: OMG....

[13:47:37] Lance: ??

[13:48:06] Lance: you have me in suspense here

[13:48:10] Me: remember we had that conversation about get rich quick stuff? read this.

[13:48:17] Lance: lol I saw that too!

[13:50:14] Me: kinda funny how we were just talking about that kind of stuff

[13:50:20] Lance: yeah

[13:51:14] Lance: thing is, if I had been at that garage sale, theres no way I would have even recognized them as being valuable

[13:51:45] Me: well, this is kinda what I was thinking, too :(

[13:52:34] Lance: see, this is why my way is better.... if you rob a bank, theres no specific knowledge required... you know that the little green pieces of paper are what youre after

[13:53:08] Me: the only problem with your way is the big hairy man you share a cell with will want you to be his bitch

[13:54:18] Lance: yeah, i know. thats why i show up here every day instead

[13:55:29] Me: well, if you've had it some day with work and run off and do the deed, I promise I'll email you in the slammer.

[13:55:41] Lance: hehe good to know

[13:56:09] Me: I'm a good friend :)

[13:56:37] Lance: well, a good friend would help me *escape* from prison ;)

[13:57:07] Me: ok, I will send you a twinkie with a file in it

[13:57:19] Lance: sweet

[13:57:21] Lance: :)

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