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Thursday, July 22, 2010

online conversation at work

I know it might seem lame that the most popular method of communication at work is done online. The guy I'm "talking" to below is only 30 feet from where I sit. But you know, we're lazy computer people.

Anyway, thought this might make you chuckle.


[12:00:06] Lance: our jobs would be so much nicer if only it werent for those stupid users and their silly problems

[12:01:43] Me: too bad I need that pesky paycheck or I could just be home all day napping like a civilized person.

[12:02:10] Lance: yeah, tell me about it

[12:03:03] Me: do you ever daydream that you will be in your parents or grandparents garage and find a painting and take it to the antiques road show and have them tell you it's worth 1 million?

[12:03:25] Me: I have these worthless daydreams all the time

[12:04:17] Lance: hmmmm... my 'get rich quick' daydreams usually run more towards robbing a bank or something... I guess thats the difference between men and women

[12:05:10] Me: yeah, check the garage before you run off with your pistol to the bank


Mike said...

Yeah....that's a chuckle

Anonymous said...

My get rich quick dreams are usually winning the lottery...which I never play. Guess I should put more effort into it.