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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Hope all you Dad's have/had a good Father's Day!

Here's the card I made for my Dad and Father-in-law this year.

The tree, tire swing and clouds are all stamped onto computer paper that was printed with Father's Day sayings and at varied degrees of darkness so the words would not be too distracting. Then I cut them out and glued each section to the white card base. *Everything* has printed words on it, even the blue background and the tree trunk. The background is very light so it's nearly impossible to read, but the words are there. The trunk is hard to read, too. And, of course, you can't read the tire because I colored it black :) Most of the card is colored with chalk, but I did use colored pencils in a few spots.

Hope you like it!

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