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Thursday, April 22, 2010


This is funny to me. I'm not sure it will be to anyone else, but I thought I'd post it anyway. This is an online conversation I had this morning with one of the technical support people who answers the phones. Names have been changes to protect the innocent.

BTW, the "make" is a thing that runs and makes changes live.


[07:52:08][Randy] hi
[07:52:48] [Randy] john smith is calling about an email he sent this morning regarding email account for mary jones, the chancellors wife
[07:53:26] [Randy] i can not find it in the database
[07:53:43][Randy] she is not receiving email so he saya
[07:53:46] [Randy] syas
[07:53:59] [Randy] says
[07:54:01] [Randy] lol

[07:54:17] [Me] yeah, it's early. looking...

[07:54:24] [Randy] ok

[07:58:23] [Me] well, she does not have a mail account
[07:58:34] [Me] dorks
[07:59:59] [Me] btw, I see no email from him about this. he may need to hit send on that email....
[08:02:04] [Me] found the account under the wrong name. what a mess someone made here. fixing.

[08:02:07] [Randy] he would like mailbox to point to
[08:02:18] [Randy] and it's for the chancellors wife

[08:02:25] [Me] yeah, I got that

[08:02:31] [Randy] hahaha

[08:03:17] [Me] ok, make runs in 1 minute
[08:03:32] [Me] tell him to chill for 15 min and try again.
[08:04:02] [Me] sorry, the chancellors wife does not scare me.
[08:04:09] [Me] shit happens. they have to deal.

[08:04:18] [Randy] me neither, but scares him! lol

[08:04:28] [Me] HAHAHAHAHA!
[08:04:32] [Me] oh man.
[08:04:48] [Me] that was funny

[08:04:53] [Randy] yes it was
[08:04:55] [Randy] hahaha
[08:04:59] [Randy] you're funny

[08:05:11] [Me] me? you're the one who said it
[08:05:18] [Me] thanks, I need that

[08:05:35] [Randy] ok I'll take it
[08:05:41] [Randy] have a good day
[08:05:47] [Me] and to you, too

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