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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Resolutions

Well you already know one resolution is to document my cards better, so that cat is out of the bag.

I looked at the resolutions for last year:

Make more cards: CHECK

Better health: CHECK

Take more photos: CHECK

Bake more: Ummm....didn't do so good on this one. I even bought a frozen pie for Thanksgiving :(

Decorate: Ack.

Write: I only wrote about 3 pages of not so good on this one either.

But 3 out of 6 isn't bad! Right?

Last year I added the ones I didn't do from 2008 to the list again. So that means I have not baked, decorated or written stuff for a while. I think it's time I forget seems fair to say if they have fallen by the wayside this long, they are not likely to get any action this year.

Here is what I've come up with for 2010:

Grow the herbs we use most...and don't kill them
Take lunch away from the office (this is on my 101 things list)
Learn to do perfect french pedicures
Use the Wii Fit
Submit 5 cards to craft magazines
Document card making

Okay, so let's see how I do with those :) They all seem pretty simple!


Anonymous said...

This is in response to your Twitter..I believe they also SELL bags of sand at Home Depot/Lowes. Like near the bags of concrete mix. For future reference :p


MsOktober said...

They do sell sand, but they were sold out. They should just tell people it is only the bag and not the sand if they call so you are not expecting to get there with the idea you are buying a bag of sand.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they should