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Thursday, December 18, 2008


I had a really bad day yesterday. Bad. It's too long and one wants to hear it.

But I am going to tell you about the very last part of it. I took a shower and got in bed with my new Oprah magazine. About 40 minutes later I turned the light off and fell in and out of sleep. I kept waking up because I was freezing! At one point I was shivering and I could not get back to sleep. My dear husband got a blanket from the living room and put that over me and that did the trick. I was soon cozy warm. But as I was laying there warming up, all I could think about were the people on the show Survivor. It wasn't an issue this season, but last season they were in a place where it rained a lot at night. Many of the places they have been were like that. People were crabby because they were not sleeping well. Their nights were 1000 times colder than mine was last night. How awful....that's all I kept thinking about until I finally fell asleep.

I would never consider trying to get on the show for many reasons, one of which is either being too hot or too cold. And if I don't's not pretty. I'm a cat and us cats have to get our naps. I don't think the other people would understand about me and having to take 3 naps. Lazy people get kicked off the island pretty fast. Plus, I know they put people together who will hate each other, so I would either make someone crazy or they would make me crazy. I'll have to find another way to win a million.

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