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Monday, December 08, 2008

Day 8

Today is a little different. I was looking on Flickr for some interesting holiday photos and I got the idea to look for a Christmas inspired wedding photo. How beautiful that would be, I thought. What I found was an entire set of photos. This wedding is outstandingly beautiful. It's simple yet grand....if that makes any sense. The bride is so lovely - I love her gown and red sash. Her groom, very handsome. They should be extremely happy with their photos...the love between them comes through loud and clear in these photos. Kudos to the photographer. It makes me wish I had been there to experience the abundant spirit that was clearly there. And by spirit, I do mean love, but there is something else I see in these photos. There is a spirit that only comes around this time of year. It's captured in the swags of sparkly of lights wrapped in sheer fabric, a wedding cake surrounded by silver Christmas ornaments in a dusting of "snow", pews, chandeliers, and the altar adorned with green pine and red all creates that magic that can only be felt at Christmastime. Enjoy.

Christmas Wedding

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Anonymous said...

that makes me want to have a christmas wedding. it was gorgeous!!