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Monday, December 22, 2008

For Today...
22 - December - '08
49 degrees out
raining - Brrr...

Outside my window...
palm fronds are slick with rain and dripping
against a gray sky.

I am thinking...
that the months go tooo fast. It is almost
Christmas and I have hardly let the spirit
of the season enter my soul. Soon it will
be over and time of resolutions.

I am thankful for...
everything I have from the small animals I
cherish to the man I married to my car that
never seems like it will be fixed and to the
house that won't keep ants out.

From the kitchen...
I will soon be getting a cup of chai to soothe
my cold.

I am wearing...
lace ivory tank
ivory angora zippered sweater
angora "candy cane" scarf
Mudd mary jane flats
gold peace necklace
Light Blue perfume

I am creating...
a sample Valentine card in my head.
soon I will need to start making them.

I am going...
to wrap gifts tonight

I am hearing...
the heater blowing warm air

I am hoping...
what is left of December will be joyous

Around the house...
things sparkle and glow. I need to
really sit and look at our tree with all
the glittery decorations that adorn it

One of my favorite things...
to be up early in the morning alone in the
kitchen baking. It is my more creative time.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
get Monday & Tuesday over so I can relax and
not think of work. Try to bring the vintage Christmas
ornaments Greg's Mom sent us back to life with a
little cleaning up and filling in the spots that have lost
their glitter. I think they will look great when I am
done with them.

... last, but not least...

a picture to share

Christmas Day 1 year ago

Christmas Day Sunset

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