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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

just stuff

Fruit Fact: When picking a honeydew mellon, it should have a yellowish skin (not pale green) and be slightly tacky to the touch. I had no idea. I had to get all green fruit for a potluck today and this is what the produce guy told me about picking a honeydew. I cut it up this morning and it was seriously delicious!

Also, red grapes are super sweet right now. Sooo good.


Greg had a 9am softball game last night and he managed to get me to go even tho I knew I'd be sitting there freezing my ass off for 2 hours. But I'm glad I went....he got his first home run of the season :) He's been soooo close to it so I knew it was just a matter of time. And it is really early in the season, so I know there will be more. He's such a studmuffin.


Abby turned 2 years old on Sunday. We got her a new cat bed and a box of her favorite toy mice. She destroys the mice. We find mouse heads with no body, bodies with no heads, mice ears....and nothing else, and 90% of them have no tails. She just loves us to throw them down the hallway and she tears after it and brings it back to us ready to go again.....just like a dog. Such a playful little thing. We're lucky she came into our lives.


Get ready to "spring" into action! Tomorrow is the official first day of spring :)

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Mike said...

Congrats to Greg on the dinger...Happy Egg Hunting and all that goes with egg hunting