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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm on administrative leave from work this week so I've been doing a little of this and a little of that.

This morning I had a mammogram. First ever. It wasn't nearly as bad as I had been expecting. You hear all these horror stories about them and how awful they are.....I don't know....I can think of a lot of other things at the doctors office that are worse. I saw my regular doctor last week because my shoulder has been killing me. Turns out I have something called rotator cuff syndrome. She gave me a prescription for something that she thinks will help, but if it isn't better by next month when I see her again, I have to have a cortisone shot right in the joint where it hurts! Now.....I tell you, I'd rather have a mammogram over a shot in my shoulder joint any day of the week. In fact, I might fib and say it's feeling better just to avoid the shot. I mean....that sounds horrible! And I know it's going to hurt because she told me upfront that it would be painful. The mammogram was just uncomfortable for a few seconds. Pray the pills work for me.

I've also been cooking. Greg does a lot of the cooking because he gets home so early from work. But since I'm home this week, I've been Le Chef. Saturday I made Moo shu pork wraps, Sunday was lasagna, yesterday was turkey wrapped bacon. Tonight is leftovers. So far everything has turned out great. Greg liked the Moo shu pork wraps....pretty good for a white girl, he said ;)

Well, off to clean out my linen closet and get that checked that off my to do list for the week. Then Greg has a softball game later tonight. He's trying to hit the ball out of the park and so far it has not made it quite that far. I know it will happen....he just needs to stop thinking about it so much. These things happen when you least expect them to. How many times have you heard that? Blah, blah, "I didn't think it was a good pitch" or "I couldn't get a hit to save my life"...and then it happens. All he needs is a little patience.

Later, ya all.

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Mike said...

Chuckle at "pretty good for a white girl"

Rotator cuff issues can be really kick your arse...suck it up and get the shot...a few seconds of pain for what should be a month of relief....(but I'm no docror)

As far as hitting it out of the park...tell Greg to "let the ball get deep (reaaaal deep), use a short compact swing...and squash the bug"

I'm full of advice (or full of something anyway) today