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Monday, March 31, 2008

Cupcake Contest

I entered a cupcake contest on Martha Stewart's website. Mine is a zombie cupcake in the cupcake gallery (17th photo uploaded, so it is way at the end of the gallery). You have to click on "Enter Our Cutest Cupcake Contest" on the right side where it says "Cupcake Week" and then you can click on the button to view the cupcakes entered. It wasn't until today that I realized that it says Cutest Cupcake, not too sure how my zombie cupcake will fair since cute isn't the right word to describe it. I was going for being creative and different, so maybe I will score on that. We'll see.

Wish me luck! :)


Anonymous said...

how could a cupcake not be cute, your is the cutest!!!

MsOktober said...

Thanks :)

The pig ones are pretty cute. Zombie one is not that "cute", but maybe I will send it to them again at Halloween.