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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just Stuff

This guy must really love Iron Maiden. Now, I love Oprah and all, but I would not get a tattoo of her face on my body. Seems....scary obsessive to me.


So, as many of you know, I ride a campus shuttle to work......and you hear some interesting stuff when 4 shuttle drivers are riding on the shuttle with you. These "shuttles" are actually the same size as buses. Seems one of the shuttles caught on fire yesterday afternoon! I guess the battery started it and then, poof, it went up in flames....burned to a crisp. It had passengers and they all got off safely. I bet a few of those people bought parking passes after that experience. Also yesterday, a woman tried to cut off a shuttle in her week old Cadillac STS and the shuttle won. Totally smashed the back passenger side. That's some bad karma when that happens. She told the policeman that she was running late for a doctor appointment, says the shuttle driver.

The moral of the story....maybe get there a minute or two earlier or maybe don't get there at all.


1 comment:

Mike said...

re: Iron Maiden tatoo...."whatever"

re: Shuttle...I find that many drivers feel they can cut off any type of a shuttle, be it a campus shuttle, or one at the airport.
I believe they are thinking to themselves..."the shuttles HAVE to be careful, they allow for extra room between themselves and others..."....damn I'm over thinking this....cya