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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

people and their issues

I deal with email all day long and occasionally there is one or two that just make me shake my head. More often than not, these emails are from people with a stupid problem or they are complaining. Just so happens I have two that fit into each of those categories.

First, the stupid one.

A woman gives her email address to a, quote unquote, "very scary person who was asking me questions about where I was going to school and such".

Now she wants to change her email address.

What ever happened to giving out fake information? Or better yet, don't talk to "very scary" individuals!

*rolls eyes*

Now the complaint. This one is even better, I think.

We have to give out passwords for various things. I'd say 95% of the passwords are computer generated. They are made to make no sense so they are not easily guessable. A typical password might be something like: gih5aduyw. See, makes no sense. This is a form of security. Sometimes we get a computer generated password that is a little funny....some kind of play on words. Much like some license plates you see. The computer has no idea it's generated something funny...slang isn't in it's vocabulary and it has no sense of me on this. So if we get one that seems off color and could be taken badly, we generate a new one.

Ok, so a password is given to a user some months ago. The user has been stewing about this password all this time and finally could not stand it anymore and had to write to us telling us how offended they are and that we are extremely unprofessional. The user will be unable to request any further assistance because they are aware they are not quick with computer issues as most other people are, but they will not stand for being harrassed in this fashion.

The password given was: mieswineir

I would have never noticed this had she not pointed it out.....mostly because I'm too busy and it isn't really one of those passwords that stands out like some of the others I've seen. But, this person asks a lot of questions and when they got this password, they thought it had been created specially for them. I guess they think we sit around laughing at them and take time to create "special" passwords for everyone.

What? Are we in high school?

*rolls eyes...again*

And that folks, concludes this enrty of people and their issues. Perhaps it will become a regular thing.


Mike said...

"people and their issues"....that's what a blog is for isn't it ??? ( being sarcastic I am )

I bet you have a ton of tales similar to the two you mentioned.

MsOktober said...


Maybe I should have called my blog "people and their issues!" :)

Mike said...

Here's your blog title:

"People and their issues as it relates directly to said author, as well as the susbsequent reverberations of such people ......and.....their issues"

(have to make to it sound "Masters Thesis" worthy......ORRRRRR not)

have a grand evening

Mike said...

"reverberations" ???? (what the hell ???)