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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Z ~ Zucchini Muffins


Here we go - alphabet project 2013!

I'm going backwards just to change things up.

Here we have zucchini muffins. Chocolate zucchini muffins to be exact! I was pretty excited to try these since zucchini muffins/bread is typically a healthier option. Unfortunately, these tasted healthy. You know what I mean....sometimes healthy stuff just doesn't cut it in the flavor department and these fell into that category. Kinda rubbery texture and the flavor is...blah. I got the recipe from a blog and I've sorta decided to stop using recipes I find on random blogs via web searches. It's been my experience that if you go to sites like or that have a rating system, you have a pretty good chance of finding something that will be worth your time to make. People don't mince words when leaving reviews ~ you'll know if it sucks.

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