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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tomato Update #3

Well....not a great week for the tomatoes.

First, lost a branch. I noticed it was bending and by the end of the week it had broken off at the trunk of the plant :( Have to make sure those branches grow within the tomato cage or have to tie them to it for support. Live and learn.
broken branch

Next, I noticed that the tomatoes were not turing that red/brown color and one had split open. This started making me think I had something other than black cherry tomatoes. Indeed, this is the case. I talked to my friend who gave me the plants and she said she must have mislabeled them. What I actually have is Dr. Carolyn tomatoes. A pale yellow cherry tomato. So these have been ready to pick for over a week...which is why one of them split. I will admit I was a bit disappointed to learn I didn't have the black cherries. I've had yellow tomatoes (from the store) before and making a sauce from these won't really be what I was going for. However, I'm still grateful for the gift of the plant and we will enjoy them! There's a tiny bit of hope that the second plant will actually be a black cherry plant. The tomatoes are still green so I'm watching them for any signs of color change. We'll see.

Dr. Carolyn tomatoes

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