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Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Have you seen Wigs?

No, not the kind you wear on your head.


It's a video series on YouTube. Each video is kinda like a short TV show...only about 8-10 minutes long and there are between 1 - 12 episodes total. I've watched them all...currently watching "Christine". The first series I watched was "Blue". I liked this series because of the main character and found the storyline intriguing.

They're not spectacular but they are a good way to pass time on a break or during lunch. I watched almost the entire "Blue" series one day at lunch because several episodes had already aired. I'd recommend "Blue" as a good one to start with. "Christine" is a good second to try. "Serena" is a single episode and I like that one as well. "Diana" is nothing like the others because it's a documentary....very good. The only series I didn't like the "Jan....but you might love it.


Mike McGinnis said...

Watched episode #1 of Blue...not used to seeing Julia Stiles...well...whoa :)

MsOktober said...

Yeah, I thought the same thing.