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Saturday, August 04, 2012

Photo Opportunity

My camera and I have been estranged. Not sure what happened exactly, but I just put it down and have not had the desire to use it again. The last picture I uploaded to Flickr was on Valentine's Day....7 months ago! I've actually been considering not renewing my Pro account since it doesn't seem worth it.

However, this morning while I was watching Super Soul Sunday (recorded) and painting my toenails, things changed. I have the shutters open to let in the morning light, very early...6:30am, and I looked out the window and saw something inspiring. The plant outside the window had some new growth that I thought was so interesting! I thought to myself....I need to take a picture of this! So I literally dusted off my camera and went out and took pictures. I took a spray bottle with me because I could imagine water droplets on the little curls would be especially pretty. This is what I got....and you must click the photos and view them large to really see them in all their glory.

I like them equally. Which do you like best?

I didn't stop there. I turned my attention to my hydrangeas. They are some of the most beautiful flowers! I mean....look at them - they are perfect little miracles! I love the baby pink ones but the purple/fuchsia ones are spectacular! They almost look fake, but I assure you, they're not. I like them all, but my favorite. Why? See the little green light coming from the center? It's like a magic place nature created. That for me makes the photo. Again, you have to see it large to really appreciate it

I'm so glad I found inspiration and reconnected with the picture-taker inside. Not sure if it will last, but it was fun for today!


Mike McGinnis said...

They're all great.....especially like the top one.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Glad you have been re-inspired...I have missed your photos.