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Monday, June 13, 2011

I Try.

But sometimes I fail.

Let me explain. If possible.

I've been trying to keep my mind open and let in new ideas and new thinking. Get out of the pattern of doing what I've always done. I believe that the only way you'll invite new and unexpected things into your life is to change the way you're currently doing things. This sounds easy enough, but it actually requires a lot of effort. It's so much easier to just carry on the way you always do. Go here, go there, go to bed. Familiar is always easier. But familiar is not always the best or what you should be doing. Actually, familiar can be down right bad for you. We're not talking about trying a new brand of BBQ sauce here. This means taking steps to "broaden your horizons" as they say. The first step isn't to run out and buy a ticket to a far away land. It's starts in your head. It has to start there or it will never work. If you're body is doing something but your head isn't in it, it ain't gonna work. You have to have it on your mind to the point where you make it happen because you can't stop thinking about it. We've all had this kind of thing happen. You can't stop thinking about a CD you want, a pair of shoes, a new computer, a new place to eat, getting your hair cut, new clothes, going to see a movie, buying something for a family member, getting a new bike, a new bat, a new refrigerator. Whatever it is, you can't get it out of your mind and somehow you make it happen because you want it. This is how change starts. How new things open up and you see farther than you did before. You see there is more out there and it makes you smile and you can't wait for it.

And here lies the hard part. It isn't that you don't want new things. New ideas. It's the realization that it will require more effort because you will need to learn something new. Put yourself in situations that are unfamiliar....maybe even uncomfortable. In some cases the effort is minimal....but we never know how much effort is really involved until we do it. How many times have you done something and it was easier than you thought it would be? And on the other hand, harder than you thought it would be? Thinking you know how it will be before you do it is a serious road block. It's familiar tapping you on the shoulder saying you better just stay on the path you're already on. But just like with everything else, after time the unfamiliar becomes familiar and you're better for having veered off the path.

I'm trying to do this, but sometimes I fail. But at least I'm trying. Just typing all this has me wanting to turn down the new path I see ahead.

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step -Lao Tsu


Anonymous said...

I have heard it said that if you do something (go to the gym, eat more vegetables, skip snacks etc.) for 28 days straight it can easily become a habit. Lifestyle changes are tough. I remember from when I quit smoking, then gaining weight, to going to a gym, diet, eating differently was hard to do, yet easy because I WANTED TO DO IT! Hang in if you find something you want to do. I have found it is worth the effort.


MsOktober said...

I've heard that, too about the 22 days to form a habit. It's a good thing to try and do for diet and fitness goals.

Laura said...

I did the 28 day thing a couple years ago. I went to the gym for 28 days straight, and it worked. After the 28 days was up I was sure that I was going to relax, maybe only go a few times a week, but then felt like I was forgetting a crucial part of my day when I didn't go.

Mike said...

Hey there...I think as we mature/age we all try to change habits, rituals to some extent. Me ? I'm simply trying to initiate more conversations with others, most often strangers.
Doing so can freak some out, so I tread so ever subtle when doing so.
But as I said above, I think we all do this as we age. But why ? I'm feeling that in my case, I'm actually doing so in an effort to experience as many things on this planet prior to my exit; no matter how minor or seemingly insignificant. Spooky perhaps, but if I'm thinking in those terms, others might be as well.
that's all I got....peace

MsOktober said...

I'm a cautious person. Probably too cautious. But I've had some very strange encounters with people in my life. Maybe more than the average person. I'm leery as a result and avoid conversations with strangers for the most part. Greg, on the other hand, will talk to anyone and say hi to people and ask how they strangers. He's the exact opposite of me. So I call him my frontman. He makes up for what I lack :)