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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Things I'm Loving Right Now

Vanilla Skies
by Natasha Wescoat

Two Birds on a Branch Gold Necklace

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Browsing this food blog

Window Shopping - so dangerous!


Laura said...

i dont have the willpower to window shop. haha.

Laura said...

that necklace is super cute! did you get it??

MsOktober said...

It's dangerous for me to window shop on Sephora because there are soooo many things I find that I suddenly must have!

I didn't get the necklace but I'd really love to get it. Etsy is another dangerous place to browse. I'd be broke (more broke) if I got everything I like....which is a lot.

Laura said...

haha. i'm like that at ulta. but my friend lindsey (you met her a couple christmases ago) works at a salon in nebraska and gets 50% off of bare minerals products, so if i see something i *have* to have i tell her. =]

i've just recently become addicted to etsy also. all of the cute beanies for babies and blankets and such... i haven't splurged just yet, but have a feeling that this fall i will.

MsOktober said...

Ulta is the other store I can go wild in. Almost more than in Sephora because they have more budget-friendly items in there.

I remember Lindsey ~ she still owes me a facial....except I forget why. Maybe she just said she'd give me one :)