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Monday, February 07, 2011

A Bad Wheel

This guy Glenn I used to work with would always say you had a bad wheel if you had a problem with your foot.

So I've had this bad wheel for a while. A month? A few months? Try 2 years. I know. Here's the deal. A few years ago the side of my foot started to hurt just below my baby toe. I had/have no idea what I did to it. There wasn't some big "ouch" that happened. Just kind of started to hurt. It wasn't that bad at first. Kind of ached but nothing major. Then it got a little worse. And a little worse. A year later I went to the doctor and while I was there I asked her about it. She barely looked at my foot. Said it was this Y shaped tendon that's on the bottom of your foot and mine was strained. There was nothing to do for it. Just wear supportive shoes and deal with it. This past November was the 2 year mark. It pretty much hurt all the time by then. It felt like a broken bone. I wasn't sure I was buying the strained tendon anymore. In December I had the last 2 weeks of the month off so I had planned on going back to have her look at it again. No'd been 2 years so it couldn't get much worse, right? Vacation commenced and I was lounging around the house most of the time because Greg was working. Not on my feel all that much. After just 2 days it started to feel better!! By the time my vacation was over, it was drastically better. I came to a conclusion: the stairs at work were killing my foot. I took the stairs everyday. And I hate stairs but that's what all the doctors say, right? Take the stairs. See, I do listen to doctors. But now I avoid stairs like the plague and I wear my Crocs almost every day. They are very supportive. Ugly, but supportive. It's made all the difference. I'm well on my way to having a wheel that's good as new! It's not there yet, but I bet a few more months of Crocs, no stairs and no long distance walking should help it heal once and for all. And, I didn't have to go to the doctor during my vacation! :)

Want a pair of Crocs? Here are the ones I have (in solid black). They are awesome!

If my foot problems continue into spring/summer, I think I will get these.
Or possibly these.

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