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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today my cheeseburger project was turned in. I'm not at work so a guy I work with turned it in for me. He's been hiding it behind books on a shelf in his cube since last Friday. He emailed me this:

While I was there voting, a meeting got out and the acting VC and your boss came by and the VC said she was blown away by your entry. Every response I've overheard (about 5) has been extremely positive. Everyone seems to love it. It is the most creative and best looking one of the six. So if people vote honestly (and not for their friends) I suspect you'll win by a large margin.

How exciting is that!? Made my day!!!


Anonymous said...

And a Happy Birthday to you also!

Mike said...

Did you expect anything less ???....I think not. Congrats !

Anonymous said...

and happy birthday!!!!