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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

BFF Laura emailed me asking how Henry is doing. I wrote back and I'm not sure why, but she said I should post all this. So here it is:

BFF Laura: Which reminds me! I keep meaning to ask you about Henry. I've seen what you and Greg have been writing, poor thing. How is she doing?

Me: Oh Henry. Little girl is having a rough patch. I forget what day last week it was, but we came home from work and she looked she couldn't see where she was going. And her pupils are fully can't see any of the green of her eyes. So we took her to the vet after dinner and they said her retinas have detached from her eyeballs and she's blind. They said the reason for it is high blood pressure. She also has hyperthyroidism which is when your thyroid gives off too much hormones and you loose weight rapidly. She has been getting realllly skinny, but we thought it was just because she's know, old people get small and frail. Anyway, a year ago when we had that thing on her chin looked at she weighed 9lbs. She's down to 7lbs. That's a lot of weight for a cat to loose in a year. Plus, she needs to be heaver than 7lbs. So she's getting wet food (a major treat at our house) twice a day and Calvin hates her because she's the only one who gets it. His favorite thing in the world is wet food and that order. But anyway. We have to torture her and give her medication for both issues. Torture for us, too. We have till end of next week to see if her sight comes back. If it ain't back by then, it ain't comin' back. Greg thinks she's blind for good. I'm holding out hope for her to get partial sight back. She can find her water/food bowl and her litter box, but she seems really confused all the time....and rightly so. She's got kitty himers (kitty alzheimers) and now she's blind as a bat. Not a good combo. But to be honest, I think she's doing pretty good considering all that. She finally has stopped going under the bed and will sleep in her cat bed in the living room again. That's a positive sign. I believe everything happens for a reason. Not sure why this has happened, but at some point we'll know why. And I think God gave her to us because he knew she'd need cat parents who would take care of her. And Suzie, too. He might have sent Calvin to us because he thought that was a funny way to drive us crazy.

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