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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Ghosts * Nostalgia * Halloween

I took a quiz to see what kind of Halloween character I am. Here's how it went.

You are undoubtedly a ghost!

You're quiet and on the shy side, but when you're angry, you have no problem causing a scene, complete with slamming doors, stomping footsteps, and the occasional tantrum in the attic. You dwell on past events, especially when you feel wronged, and you're also prone to nostalgia -- people often have to tell you to stop living in the past!

23% A witch
19% Frankenstein's Monster
30% A ghost
28% Dracula


Oddly enough, it's kinda accurate. Tho I don't slam doors and I try *not* to make a scene...I rarely stomp either. However, I do get pretty miffed about being wronged and I am shy and quiet. The nostalgia thing is a bullseye. I do like pondering "the good ole days" and I like old things like antique Christmas decorations and vintage kitchenware. I also wish I had my hair and skin from when I was 19, but I don't think that's what they mean. One thing I don't long for is a bunch of stuff from the 80's. Those clothes....yeesh. And the music.....yeesh, yeesh! I listened to it and thought it was great, but now I can hardly stand a lot of 80's music. I like 80's rock, but stuff like The Bangles, The Police, Duran Duran....that all leaves something to be desired in my book. Really, it does. If you heard that stuff now for the first time, would you like it? If you say yes, then we have very different taste in music. I'm not saying it all sucked, but there is a pretty big percentage that does.

And since I'm talking about nostalgia, this gets me thinking back to the days when people dressed up for Halloween at work. Why don't people do that anymore? A few years ago I dressed up on Halloween in full costume for work. I don't think a single other person dressed up. I felt incredibly ridiculous. You know when everyone is looking at you like you are crazy? That's how it was. It's Halloween, people! It's not that weird to see people in costumes! So around 2pm off came the wig and I removed all my scary make-up. I have not dressed up since then :(

See....lots of stuff to be nostalgic about! Boo!


Anonymous said...

I dressed as Amy Winehouse last year for Halloween at work. Only person out of hundreds. Luckily no one recognized me, lol.


Anonymous said...

i dressed up last year at work!!! i was mary ann from giligans island!!! =]


Mike said...

Never been one to sport the Halloween costume at the office. If I'm to hold true to my inner self and do my best to fly under the radar in this life, then I can't be showing up to work with fangs and a black cape (not saying I don't have that outfit hangin' neatly in the closet though)