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Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Remember my stamp luck post? If not, see it here.

My stamp luck turned into stamp bad luck. I waited and waited and never got the stamp. I emailed the woman to inquire about it and she said she mailed it. She checked her log book since she mailed it from work and said it was logged and I should have got it. I waited another week and still no stamp. So it seems to be lost in the mail. Or she sent it to the wrong address and someone else has stamp luck. Anyway, she told me they finally have it back in stock and I can order one. So I did. Let's hope I get this one!


I also posted last Thursday that I would hear about my photos and the fair last Sunday. No email. I looked and looked for information about this and nothing I found online said they were going to email us on 5/30...but I know I saw that posted when I dropped them off. *shrugs* However, last night I got email from them that accepted entries will be announced tomorrow. Then on 6/12 they will announce the winners picked from all the accepted entries. I tell you, all this waiting is torture. But like I said before, I am not even looking to win anything....I just hope one or both get accepted. *crosses fingers*

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