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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This has to be quick because I really should be working and not posting since I have a crap load of stuff to do.

Anyone watching any of the Little People shows on TLC? One is about a couple and the other is about a family. I have to's pretty interesting. Check out the shows if you get the chance. Makes you appreciate things in a different way.

Also, is anyone watching The Next Food Network Star? Greg and I are watching it and I find myself looking forward to each episode. The person we call "The Muppet" got kicked off Sunday night.....thank goodness. That guy drove me nuts.

And Jon & Kate are divorcing. I'm sad to see it but I am not surprised. Maybe with time the two of them can be friends but I don't think we will get to see it. This was just released:

Jon and Kate Gosselin aren't the only ones taking a break.

Production on their claim to fame, TLC's reality hit Jon & Kate Plus 8, is going on hiatus.

Last night's sixth episode of the 40-ep season featured the couple announcing their separation and plans to live in different cities—a bombshell that attracted a TLC-record 10.6 million viewers.

But despite the huge ratings, the network and the family are "taking some time off to regroup," according to a TLC statement.

I would be better if they just cancelled the show and let them all try to live in peace....if there is any to be had.

Anyway, like I said....quick post.


Rose said...

I appreciate your "quick post." I'm a fan of The Next Food Network Star (while waiting for the next season of Top Chef) and I'm bummed about the Jon and Kate stuff. I agree that they should just pull the show altogether and let their family live in peace. We got to enjoy seeing their family grow up and now I think it's time to let them live their lives in some anonimity (away from tv cameras and paparazzi). Makes me sad though that we saw their marriage crumble. Hope they can be friends down the road. Just thought I'd pipe in my 2 cents :) Have a good one!

Mike said...

I've become less of a fan of Little People Big World....(Matt is a bit of a pompous ass I believe).

Very sad re: Jon and Kate. Not sure of the contract between TLC and the couple but there's probably "too much" money to be made by both the network and J&K to end the show all together. I know they mention the hiatus...(that's good for the kids - I think). While the cameras may not have been with the family/kids
24/7, is it another adjustment/sign that something is "out of whack" in the kids eyes ? Rambling out loud here.

As far as Food Network....I'll stick with my established stars...Alton, Ina, etc

Mike said...

oh, and the little people in Houston...for the most part, I like what I've seen so far