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Friday, March 06, 2009

Odds & Ends

I was driving home the other night and as I turned down a street pretty close to home, the scent of a fire burning from a chimney came into the car. I was instantly transported back to about age 15, 16 or 17ish. It reminded me of December. I recall being outdoors a lot back then. It was cold, leaves were on the ground, everyone was getting ready for Christmas....and people had their fireplaces going. It was a simple time for me....I used to love that time of year. There was joy and the holidays brought excitement unlike any other time of the year. I remember the family christmases back then. Usually a turkey and we ate in the "front room" and used the good dishes. We drank from highball style glasses with green and gold greek designs on them. The house smelled like christmas. I have never been able to figure out what the smell was....maybe scented candles my Mom always used or a home home fragrance she got from Avon....but it only smelled like that at christmas. I remember one christmas standing in the kitchen with my sister Nanci and the christmas carol "it's the most wonderful time of the year" came on and I turned to her and said "it really is the most wonderful time of the year!". I remember that moment so clearly. I was really happy. I long for those kind of holidays again. But we can't go back and it's a mistake to try to recreate moments because they will never live up to what you hope they will be. But at least I can still go there in my mind....and that's good enough.



I am becoming addicted to There is sooooo much cool stuff on there. I really like the idea of supporting crafty people who don't have any other way of getting their stuff out to the public. If you don't know what Etsy is, you can read about it here.

I recently got a pair of beads to make a pair of libra earrings. See them Here. I saw these and liked them, but I wasn't sure about the brass in my ears. Then I saw just the beads and they were only $3.50! So I am going to buy gold earwires this weekend and make them just the way I want them.

I also got a custom rubber stamp made. See it here. For those of you who get my cards, you'll notice the giraffe is a spot on match to the one I usually use. The woman who made it for me did an outstanding job....and it was only $12 bucks!! See her here.

I think my next purchase might be from PhylPhil. I love all of her stuff. I espically like her Fleur DiVine & Noir Fleur DiVine Scarves. Her baby spring scarf is pretty, too! All her stuff is. I was thinking it would be pretty nice to have a pair of those fingerless gloves when my hands are cold and I have to type.....I like the blue ones.

Greg says I should make cards from my photos and also stamped cards and sell them on Etsy. I have been considering it for about a year. Etsy is getting more and more popular so it could be a good opportunity. I am getting closer and closer to just going for it. Maybe you will see my shop on Etsy soon!

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Mike said...

Nice memory tale....thanks.

Everyone has them, but they're all slightly different...nice