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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

bright tulips crown the boulevards

The title means nothing. I just like the sound of it.

So....lots going on.

Our cat Suzie is sick again. She has an infection so we have to give her antibiotics for 30 days. The fist few days things seemed to be going fine until we randomly found her pills on the floor in various places. It seemed that little miss smarty pants would take the pill and act like she had swallowed it and then as soon as we let her go, she'd spit it out when she was out of our sight. We found 4 pills. So the first 4 days she'd done this.

*shakes head*

Of course now we have to darn near torture her to death to get her to swallow the pills. It can get pretty bad. One night she was foaming at the mouth....these pills must be horrible. She just kept spitting it out and it got wet and mushy so then the foaming's terrible. She feels bad and then we have to do this. Needless to say, she isn't speaking to us right now.

Greg's truck broke down and he needed a new master cylinder. Oh joy.

Remember that reclass I talked about in Feb? I was supposed to hear back about it in March. I never heard and kept waiting and waiting to hear something but there was no update. So I finally asked a few weeks ago. Well.....she never submitted it!!!!! Oh man.....I just about lost it when I heard this. Never sent it in?? What the heck!? She said she got busy with other projects and it just didn't get done....

I'm trying hard not to use bad words right now.

Taps foot....*sighs*

You know....I work hard and do a really good job. I show up when I am supposed to, I'm not a slacker, I meet my deadlines. And then this shit happens. But I still work. I still show up. And I have not called anyone a bad name....well....not to their face. It's no wonder I have high blood pressure! I just know there has to be a silver just has yet to show itself. There has to be one....right? There will be a silver lining....won't there? Is waiting for it....

On a happier note...a photo of mine has been selected to be on display at the San Diego Natural History Museum.

San Diego River

So that's cool. I am semi tempted to cross off the item on my 101 list that says something about having a photo in a magazine or calendar and call this close enough, but....I'd still like to be in a magazine or calendar.

Okay, that's all I can think of for now.


Anonymous said...

i hear you ladies are having a sisters retreat in santa barbara, sounds fun! =]


Mike said...

Cross it off your list..."San Diego Natural History Museum" is damn impressive, congrats.