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Thursday, June 19, 2008

A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song - Maya Angelou

I forgot about the bird story.

The other day I was leaving work and I was walking thru the parking garage and I could hear a bird chirping. It seemed really close to me so I looked up but didn't see where it was perched. I continued to my car and suddenly the small bird flew past me at about hip level and landed on the floor just an inch or so under the passenger side door of my car. Tiny little thing. So I was like...."Uh, you gotta move" and started to walk up to it thinking it would fly away. Well it didn't. Just sat there looking at me. So there we were...just looking at each other for about 5 minutes. I thought it would take off at some point, but it seemed planted there. I looked around for something to toss in it's direction to get it to fly away - a straw. I tossed it and the straw landed about a half inch from the bird. The result was the bird took a few little hops....didn't fly away. Now I knew it could fly since I had seen it zoom past that wasn't the problem. Maybe it was sick? So then I started to feel really bad for the little thing.

Meanwhile, people are leaving work and they are looking at me.....seemingly staring at the ground. I don't think people could see the bird since it was a gray brown color and was almost a perfect color match to the cement floor.

So I paced for a minute and then got the idea to go outside and get a eucalyptus branch to use to nudge it to fly away. My choices were tiny sticks or one 5ft long branch....I picked the branch and back in I went. I had hoped that while I was stick hunting birdie had moved on. No luck, he was still sitting there. I nudged him and he'd hop....nudge...hop, nudge...hop, nudge...hop.....making his way further under my car. So I went to the drivers side and got on the floor to look under the car. He was lookin' at me like "Now what the heck you going to do to me?". So I nudge from under the car....he hops, nudge...hop, nudge...hop. Ok fine....this isn't working. He was now just under my front end licence plate. I get up and and look at him...we're going to have to come to some kind of agreement on things.

Keep in mind....people are still looking at on the way to their cars....seemingly poking at my car with a 5ft eucalyptus branch.

The garage door wasn't far away at all....maybe 50ft. I wondered if I could get him on the end of the branch and just take him outside since he was so mild mannered. Now....I kid you not....I put the branch down in front of him and he hopped right on. I was elated! Now could I just get him outside? YES! I walked quickly with him on the end of the branch and took him to the first eucalyptus tree. I raised the branch up high and deposited him safely in the tree.

Adding bird rescuer to my resume.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that is perhaps one of the most awesome stories i have heard in a while. "I kid you not, he hopped on." I love it.


Anonymous said...

That's very cool!
I have a bird story, too. My grandmother used to feed birds in her backyard. Her favorite were sparrow- like birds with a bright yellow chest. The day after she died, I was sitting on my patio in my backyard 20 miles away and a yellow chested bird landed on the back of one of the chairs. We sat there together for a while and then it flew away....that made me smile.


Mike said...

"Bird Rescuer" ?!?!

Hell, call yourself an "Environmental Emancipation Professional"

Mike said...

nonono, here we go....

"Urban Environmental Emancipation Professional"

MsOktober said...

Thank you all for your comments!

Laura made me smile when you said it was the most awesome stories you've heard in a while. It was a long post so that made it worth all the typing ;)

Laura, I don't think you ever told me that. I think it was her coming by to ease your sadness. Very touching.

Mike....maybe something without "emancipation" in it. That just a condition no one wants to have. *chuckes*