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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I don't know why I like it, but I love watching the show Jon & Kate + 8. There are screaming kids the entire time (mostly) and I usually cannot stand anything that involves screaming kids, but I just love the show. It makes me laugh. Those kids are funny and the parents are amusing to watch. Check it out if you have never watched it.

Speaking of kids, yesterday I was talking to a guy I work with and he was telling me that he had a ton of errands to run after work and his kid would have to go with him. Except he'd have to take the kid home before one of the errands because the kid would not want to go to the grocery store.


Take the kid home because he would not want to go to the grocery store? That is crazy. I was like....."Uh, maybe your kid just needs to deal and go with you so you're are not running all over creation all night". I am just amazed that people will cater to children like this. And I hear about this stuff all the time and it just seems ridiculous to me that children have this much control. They are children! And these kids are going to grow up to be adults that are hard to deal with. They will not want to go out of their way for other people and they will expect people to do what they want and get really annoyed if they don't get their way. Imagine being their husband or wife. Yeesh.

Anyway, just my .02 cents on kids.

Last thing.....and oddly is kind of kid related.



Little girl is always into something she should not be into. Just like a kid. We came home the other day and I went in our bathroom and I noticed a broken cup in the sink and the medicine cabinet was open. The contents of the cup was scattered all over the vanity. She had got it open and was poking around looking at everything in there....including all the medication I take. I have a few loose pills in there because the pill bottle is hard to open. So I'm sure she sniffed those and I seriously hope she didn't eat one. If she did, I'm sure she'd should have not been feeling good. So amazingly, I don't think she took a taste test of them like she does everything else.

Then this morning I found her stuck inside my soft-sided laptop carrying case. The laptop slides into about a 2 inch opening. She managed to get her head and her front legs wedged in....then got stuck. I pulled it off her head and asked her what the heck she was doing! If she could speak, she would have said what all kids say when they are doing something they shouldn't be doing....."nothing....".


Mike said...

No doubt, our favorite part of Jon & Kate are their "story summaries" as they sit together on the large chair...Jon's expressions/eye- rolls are great.

As far as hauling the kids around....we don't see it as catering to the us as parents doing what's easiet (ie less stressful) for both the kids and parents. Our kids and consequently us, go 90+ mph everyday....any way we can give them and ourselves at the same time "some room" we're all for.

MsOktober said...

The guy at work was taking the kid home because the kid didn't want to go, not because it would be less stressful for him. He was only picking up applesauce and bananas. I stand by my opinion that taking the kid all the way home and then going to get the 2 grocery items was catering to the kid.

And there are definitely people who do cater to their kids. I think what you are explaining and what I am explaining are two different kind of situations.

Anonymous said...

My thanks to your co-worker for not putting the child and himself in a situation that could possibly make my shopping experience hell. Children do need to be taught to deal and be patient in situations that are not fun, but don't set yourself up for failure. Jon and Kate are great examples of this, they get out before the melt-down ....Dianne