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Monday, February 25, 2008

Part of my job is dealing with email abuse. We have a special email address people write to to report things. Companies also email us at this address if someone from one of our IP addresses is spamming them. So today I am going thru all the emails and a ton of it is spam. Yes, spam sent to our address to report spam. Usually you can spot spam a mile away. They come with subjects like "be a lethal weapon in the bedroom". However, some spammers are getting better at disguising things. I see one that is questionable. I get rid of the other 462 (not kidding) and come back to all the ones that look like they could be real abuse reports. This questionable one comes from an address that looks legitimate but there is no subject. I open it and the only thing there is a link. I looked at the link for a long moment. Sometimes people report websites to us...does not happen a lot, but sometimes. I clicked on it.

Oh boy. Not a good idea.

A HUGE browser window opened and filled my crystal clear 21 inch monitor with naked people doing lots I think I squeaked and was so shocked at what I was looking at that I lost control of my mouse and it went flying across my desk and hit my metal filing cabinet with a loud bang. Nothing like drawing attention to yourself at work with larger than life porn on your screen. I scrambled for my mouse and finally got the dang window closed. A fraction of a second later, 3 people walked past my cube. iCaramba...


Anonymous said...

hahaha. you never cease to entertain.


Mike said...

A saw a tv spot for Spam this morning....the meat-like product.
The commercial promoted a "Spam Burger" thanks. I'd rather watch Saved By The Bell: The College Years than dine on a Spam Burger.....I think.

Funny about your flying mouse...

My mouse hit the desk top hard a few months ago...Not sure what pissed me off to make me slam it...but it broke into about 5 pieces...I sheepishly went to I.T. and just said..."I need a new mouse".

No idea what they thought about me.