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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

If I Were Rich...

Here is a list of things I'd be doing, buying, etc, if I were rich.

Shopping from the Sundance Catalog
I was lusting after a necklace they have and almost told Greg it's what I wanted for Valentine's Day....until I saw it is $280.00! I really like it and everything, but come on now. You can see it here. Look at the clasp. It has a tiny owl charm hanging from it!

Living by the sea
There is an area in La Jolla that I would love to live. It's off La Jolla Boulevard and the residences there are mostly upscale and huge, but there is an area that has small modest homes that seem very homey. The price tag, I'm sure, is not small tho. They look right out at the ocean. I took this photo from the sidewalk in front of the house I'd love to own. To step out of your front or back door daily and smell the sea would be a true gift.

Maid service would be on the payroll
I have a Roomba for sweeping, but it does not wash clothes, clean the kitchen or dust.

A new car
I love Buffy. She's great. But if I were rich, she'd have to step aside. I really have no idea what car I would choose. Maybe a BMW. Don't know. Cars have kind of fallen off my radar for some reason. So that would require some shopping around to find something that strikes my fancy.

I'd have the best most comfortable mattress ever
Possibly that $6000 mattress I posted about a while back. Not sure. Like the car, this would require some shopping around.

A new camera and training
I want a Canon Digital Rebel XTi and a Nikon D80 along with training at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara.

Make a difference
Last but not least, if I had money, I'd give to organizations that touch my heart. I know I would get personal joy and peace from knowing I helped make a difference in some way. I like things, but they do not bring the same kind of gratification as giving does.

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