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Monday, July 24, 2006


On Saturday the temperature was 115 degrees from Mission Valley to Santee. Greg had a softball game that afternoon and he said the ground was so hot that the bottom of his feet were burning through his cleats. You'd think they would call the game off due to those conditions, but they didn't.

That morning I went out to Mount Soledad with my parents and my aunt who is visiting. I wanted to get a picture of the 29 foot tall cross just in case they have to take it down because of all the controversy.

Mount Soledad Memorial Cross

The battle to save the 52-year-old cross began in 1989 after a single atheist backed by the American Civil Liberties Union sued the city of San Diego in an effort to remove it. Year after year this is an never dies because this one man refuses to let it go. In May a judge declared it was an unconstitutional endorsement of religion and ordered the city of San Diego to remove the cross within 90 days or face a fine of $5,000 per day for every day beyond the deadline. City officials and supporters of the cross took it to the high court where Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy issueed a stay, ordering that the memorial not be desecrated until all legal options are exhausted.....but after 17 years, they are running out of options. So I have a feeling it will be coming down.

Kinda sad....I think most San Diegans see it as a city treasure and not an endorsement of religion...but whatever.

Yesterday we went to see You, Me and Dupree. It was funny :) I love Owen Wilson....he just cracks me up. Then we had sushi for lunch! Yummy! This was all an effort to keep out of the heat. But eventually we had to go home and be hot and uncomfortable again. We've been trying not to run the air conditioner because the state says we are having an energy crisis. If it's hot tonight, we might just have to turn it on so we can sleep. It's so hard to sleep when you are hot.

So that's my weekend report.

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SYKO TOM said...

I'm not overly religious but I appreciate the fact that the cross is where it is. It serves as a sign of hope for the sailors who are coming back from sea and it represents the fallen heroes that sacrificed their lives so that I can get in my car and drive anywhere in this country I want. If they want to take down the cross because of one idiot that doesnt know what else to do with is money.... then I will chain myself to it and let them pry my dead cold hands off of it. They need to stick to the real issues instead of wasting their time worryin about this cross. :-P