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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

10 Things

I'm doing the 10 things you don't know about me deal. I feel like I've done it before but oh well - doing it again :)

1. I love cottage cheese. I'll usually have it for dessert at soup/salad buffet places.
2. I often have the urge to dye my hair light pink or lavender. Yes, yes....I know.
3. Sometimes there is nothing more inspirational than a rainy day. I flourish when it rains.
4. Am I the only one who doesn't care for Phil Collins songs?
5. Food isn't a lure for me. Saying there'll be cupcakes won't make me go someplace I don't want to go.
6. Given the choice, I will take a pencil over a pen every time.
7. I have a small collection of pocket knives and one of them is fairly valuable.
8. Young Bob hot. The old version, not so much. Don't dig the Kenny Rogers look.
9. I don't dream of having money. I dream of living a long happy life.
10. I don't usually answer my phone. But I will usually answer email.


Mike McGinnis said...

Re: Number 10...Same, it's to the point that those that call me will often shoot me an email..."If I call you now will you pick up ??"

Anonymous said...

1. Cottage cheese is edible, but I must learn to like it, but I can't tell you why, yet =)
2. I often have the urge to dye my hair black.
3. I love rainy days also.
4. No
5. Cupcakes? *perks*
6. I love pencils!
7. I have a skull knife necklace...not valuable, but interesting.
8. Bon Jovi, young or old
9. I dream of money
10. I answer my phone and am slower at emailing.