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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Block Party - Not!

Last year....or maybe the year before, we got a flyer in our mailbox about a block party. The thing we noticed right away was the fee. Yes, there was a $20 per person fee. For a block party.


Greg and I looked at each other in confusion. I've never heard of having to pay to go to a block party. Needless to say the flyer went in the recycle bin. This year we got the same flyer....another $20 block party. Went in the recycle bin like the previous one.

Who pays to go to a block party? The block parties I remember were free. You go from house to house and catch up with the neighbors. The aroma of people BBQing is everywhere. Everyone has their garage doors up a boom box playing upbeat summertime tunes and coolers are full of various beverages...the kids play football in the street. This is what I think a block party is. Apparently I'm behind on things because you gotta fork over money now. However, I have to admit I probably wouldn't be too interested even if it was free. The people on my block are not exactly people I want to hang with. We have the oaf next door who I cannot stand. We have the drug dealer who walks around in his underwear across the street and next door to him is the woman and her kids who are so loud and obnoxious that I can hear them like they're in the next room. No thanks.

Anyway, a few days ago we get another flyer. I just had to share what it says.

Friends and Neighbors,

Due to lack of positive responses, we're struggling to come up with funds to cover the cost of the block party. Therefore we must regrettably cancel.

Fire permit $91
Insurance $325
Band $350
Inflatable jumps $150 each
Lighted barricades $70
Food, water, paper goods $700

When I read this I was perplexed. Not that it had been cancelled, but by the list of things that had to be covered. Insurance? Lighted barricades? What the....?

Honestly....why does everything have to be so grandiose these days?

Roll up the garage door. Sit in some folding chairs with a cold drink and watch the kids play frisbee. Grill some hot dogs and hamburgers. People need to get back to their roots. Seriously.

1 comment:

Mike said...

You're right...this is all you need
"...Sit in some folding chairs with a cold drink and watch the kids play frisbee. Grill some hot dogs and hamburgers."
Too bad it can't be that easy