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Monday, March 21, 2011

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Hello All,

I can't believe I'm doing looks like we're going to Vegas for our 20th anniversary.

Maybe for some that would be first choice, but I remember telling Greg that Vegas was not an option. And here we are....Vegas is it. It comes down to money. And we have none. And we don't want to fly. So...yeah. But I'm okay with it.

A few months ago I thought about it and I realized that as long as I'm with Greg, it will be fun. Whatever we do will be good as long as I'm with him. It doesn't have to be thousands of dollars to make it a good vacation. I think sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the idea that it has to be far away and it has to be expensive or it won't be good. It's what you make of it that makes it good or bad, not the location. And I have not been to Vegas in a really long time. Maybe 10 years or something. We'll see a few shows AND I'll get to knock 2 things off my 101 things to do list! Bobby Flay has a restaurant there and there's a Spago's there that I just found out about, so I can cross 2 things off my list! AND....maybe we'll renew our vows! We could go to the drive through chapel! Oh my....that would be hilarious. Cross another one off! So Vegas could be really helpful for the 101 things list.

Now I need your help. We're not sure where to stay. Check out my poll in the side bar and vote. If you've never stayed at any of them but you've heard rave things about one of them, then vote that way. You can also leave a comment if you have details to share. Since it is a very special occasion, we want to stay someplace that is nice over all. Not just the rooms, but the whole hotel. So if the rooms are nice but the hotel isn't so great, or vice versa, then probably not the best choice for this vacation.

So vote! Leave helpful comments! :)


Anonymous said...

Have stayed in a suite at the Bellagio. It's so beautiful!


Anonymous said...

You really can not go wrong with the Bellagio. If you can for this occasion get a fountain view in the main towers. It is right in the middle so your walking trips to other places can be more organized. At the Bellagio you need to see "O", it is incredible and if possible head to the Mirage to see "Love". For both shows your best seats are in the middle, not close or far from the stage. The Wynn is also a top flight place to stay, just that everything is further away. Go to Fred's on Eastern and get a couple of pieces of wedding cake to go, a split of Champagne and some strawberries in the large soaking tub should make it a great trip.


Anonymous said...

Actually it is Freeds Bakery


MsOktober said...

Good stuff so far! Wedding cake ~ didn't think of that. We'll have to go take a look at that bakery :)

Mike said...

Never been to Slots Vegas...sound like a mighty fine time !

mike said...

...and for our 20th anniversary, Nancy and I went to The Spiral Diner (vegetarian restaurant in downtown Dallas).

Anonymous said...

Hey "B"? Can you plan my next vacation, lol!


Anonymous said...

Haha..I *meant* -

Hey "B"... Can you plan my next vacation? lol!