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Monday, January 31, 2011

It's Monday....ugh

I thought I'd look back at my resolutions for last year (finally) and see how I did. Here they are:

Grow the herbs we use most...and don't kill them
Take lunch away from the office (this is on my 101 things list)
Learn to do perfect french pedicures
Use the Wii Fit
Submit 5 cards to craft magazines
Document card making

Let's see....growing herbs. Yes, did (am doing) that. However.....killing them was hit and miss. But I'm going to check it off the list anyway. Check!

Take lunch away from my desk. Ooish. Not good....I mostly eat at my desk. I don't work while I'm "at lunch". But still :(

Lean to do a french pedicure. Did that. Check!

Use Wii Fit. Ummm....I don't even know where it is! :(

Submit 5 cards to craft magazines. Check!

Document card making. This is hit and miss again. I do have a copy of the cards I I guess that counts as documenting them. I believe I was thinking I would photograph them, but having one is better anyway. So I'll count that as done! Check!

I think 4 out of 6 is pretty good!

I'll make my New Years resolution this year to use the Wii Fit. It's still January, so I'm in just under the line. We'll see how it goes.

Not going to add taking my lunch away from my desk because I know it's unlikely to happen. It might have been easier when I had a car because I could go somewhere. But now that I carpool I'm stuck here. And there's NOTHING around here that I can walk to that's of much interest to me. This place is a drag as far as getting away from the office (and the people in it).

So Wii Fit. Gotta find that thing!

Did you make any?

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