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Monday, November 23, 2009


Time is a funny thing. And I don't mean funny "haha".

Sometimes time is not our friend.
Like when we see wrinkles or are being punished.

On the other hand, sometimes it's our best friend.
Like when we are on vacation for 2 long weeks.
However, it sucks when it's time to go back to whatever you were getting away from.

Time is the cure for broken bones. And broken hearts.
Time also helps kill us....durgs, alcohol, disease.

Time can be stressful.
Like being in traffic when you are supposed to be at jury duty.
Actually, I think time in general is stressful when the government is involved.

Wasting time can be fun.
It can also be very boring.
Running through the tide on a beach is a perfect waste of time.
Reclining in your chair counting ceiling tiles is less ideal.

With time, emotional pain can become more....bearable.
It can also be unbearable.

There is also:
Time for action.
Doing time.
Curtain time.
On your own time.
For the time being.
Double time.
Time of your life.
Time bomb.
Make time.
Ahead of time.
Many a time.
Behind the time.
From time to time.
Lunch time.
Time for bed.
Dinner time.
Bath time.
Out of time.

There is a short span of time each day when something amazing happens that many of us do not take time to witness. It's a golden time. Sometimes pink and blue. Sometimes silvery white. It's called sunset.

Time makes you think about your actions.
Like after you leave the party and realize you made an ass of yourself.
Or, maybe you're just an ass all the time.

Time can lead to change.
Hair color.

Time alone can be a blessing.
It can also be a curse.
We can sit alone in an ugly bathrobe with bed head and be perfectly happy.
On the other hand, the fact we are sitting alone in an ugly bathrobe with bed head can make us cry.

Most of all, I think time is a teacher.
Time has taught me things that can't be found on the internet....and that's hard to do.

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Mike said...

Cyndi Laupers "Time After Time" has reportedly been covered by at least 120 different artists....(that's a useless nugget)