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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

City Girls "Camp"

Ok, ok. I'm back.

Just so happens I have some material to write about! And, I have a surprise! I know you are all on the edge of your seats now, but you'll have to wait a minute for the surprise.

BFF Laura and I went "camping" over the weekend. I say camping in quotes because we actually stay in a cabin now. I like it better this way. You can pee whenever you have to. You can wash your hands. Take a shower. Creature comforts. After all, I am a city girl :)

We've been going to Mt. Laguna for....oh....4 years now? Something like that. Once a year thing. This time it was spa weekend. We gave ourselves pedicures and facials. We also saw wild turkeys! They were huge. We saw woodpeckers and a giant moth. I named it Clarice. I hope you all understand why I named it that. She hung out on the porch all weekend. Gave Laura the heebie-jeebies. We played cards, ate beer nuts, took sunrise and sunset photos. Went for a 5 minute hike. It was pretty laid back and a nice get-a-way. Nothing too weird or exciting happened. Well, I did kind of ask the desk clerk in the $10 or over store if he murdered his wife. Yeah, now see I didn't really think that out very well. Here we are in the mountains in a cabin and that just has weird guy stabs "camper" headlines all over it. Next time I'll just buy my over-priced food and nix the small talk.

You can see my photos from the weekend here if you like. The first 8 are from this past weekend.

And now the thrilling surprise! I have a Twitter account! Wooooo! I can hear you all going wild with excitement!

My plan is to update there more than here. I think it will be easier since I usually have more quick things to say and it takes much less time than posting here. Tweet me if you have an account :)


Mike said...

Your "camping" (whatever) trip
looks like a grand time. Great pics...smores look amaaaaazing !

Mike said...

..oh and re: Clarice. Some may opt for the Chianti, etc....I prefer " know what you look like with your good bag and your cheap shoes? You look like a rube..."

Anonymous said...

You and that moth...


Anonymous said...

clarice?! from steel magnolias??

and if i had twitter i would TOTALLY subscribe to you, but i think im gonna try and avoid twitter for as long as possible, i give it another month. =]


MsOktober said...

well, there is a clarice in steel magnolias (one of my favorite movies), but that's not the one. it's clarice from silence of the lambs. you know....moth, clarice...that whole connection.

being seeing you soon on twitter then :)