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Monday, August 04, 2008

Girl Talk

The exchange below is between me and a girl at work. I thought I'd share because it's a pretty funny story.

(Jane) yeah, i was tired yesterday...i got home late because i went to a bachlorette party for my friend
(Jane) they had a stripper, but he was pretty bad...
(Jane) it was hilarious to watch though
(me) oh no
(me) was he good looking at least?
(Jane) i didn't think so...kinda scrawny
(Jane) no butt
(jane) he kept showing us his stuff though
(Jane) he wasn't shy
(me) how funny
(Jane) and he had this vibrating glove that he kept trying to touch everyone with
(Jane) i wish i would have had a video camera because some of the stuff that went on was hilarious
(me) was he more of a comedy kind of guy?
(me) maybe he wasn't supposed to be sexy
(Jane) no, he was serious...he was dressed as a pizza delivery line was "who ordered the large sausage"
(me) oh my god....*laughs*
(me) sounds pretty funny
(Jane) he was too skinny though...and he wore black socks and shoes through the whole

1 comment:

Mike said...

"who ordered the large sausage ?"

oh Lord

I'm telling you though, black socks
(cotton athletic socks) and any color of Nikes are definitely "in" here, at least least with the high school baseball players. Most players are sporting that very grandpa-esque ensemble. But those guys are built, they can "pull it off"